Official Shroud of Turin Site in Turin (www.sindone.org/)

Official site of the Archdiocese of Turin

      The Holy Shroud Guild, Brooklyn, N.Y, (www.shroud.org/)

A major U.S.. site. Lists the extensive Weunschel Collection of works on the Shroud


       Collegamento pro Sindone , Rome, (Site Director: Emmanuella Marinelli ) (www.shroud.it)

Major source of research articles on the Shroud. Rome, Italy


       The Shroud of Turin Website(Site Director: Barry Schwortz) (www.shroud.com/)

Major U.S.A site for research articles on the Shroud


       Turin Shroud Center of Colorado (Site Director: John Jackson) (www.shroudofturin.com/)

Major research articles


       Boston Medical Site (Director: Gilbert Lavoie, M.D.) (www.shroudofjesus.com/)

Major medical research articles



       Duke University Site ( Directors: A. Whanger and M. Whanger. ( www.duke/~adw2/shroud/)

Image enhancement techniques


       www.shroudstory.com/ (Site Director: Daniel R. Porter) U.S.A


       www.historicaljesusquest.com U.S.A.


Other sites on the Shroud of Turin are listed in standard internet search engines, such as Google (www.google.com); Scirus (www.scirus.com); AltaVista ( www.altavista.com); Lycos (www.lycos.com), etc.



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